Our Team

Israac Trustees (alphabetical order)

Treasurer, Geoff Green

Trustee, Faiza Hassan

Trustee, Ahmed Mohamoud

Trustee, Abdifatah Sahal

Trustee, Haji Omar

Chair, Adam Yusuf

Israac Staff

Sahra Abdi, Advice and Support Worker, Cognospeak Project Worker

Asha Ajab, Africa Womens Programme Support and Live Lighter Weight Management Coordinator

Daren Eagles, Diaspora Multimedia Hub Team

Faisal Eid, Move More Men’s Project Coordinator

Geoff Green, Management Team

Ghislane Hamed, Key member of Luncheon Club team

Mohamed Hamed, Chef for our Luncheon Club & Events

Samira Hussein, Live Lighter Weight Management Coordinator

Yasin Hersi, Diaspora Multimedia Hub Lead

Muse Jama, Marketing Assistant, Cognospeak Project Worker

Asma Kabadeh, Diaspora Multimedia Hub Team

Saskia King, Diaspora Multimedia Hub Team

Saima Rehman, Move More Women’s Project Coordinator

Diana Roffey, Project and Administrative Officer

Zahra Saleh, Cleaning Services

Khadija Yasin, African Women’s Programme Lead

Ismail Yussuf, Financial and Operations Manager

Adam Yusuf, Management Team

Adam Yusuf


Ismail Yussuf

Financial and Operations

Marie Croker

Community Development Manager

Asma Kabadeh

Diaspora Multimedia Hub Team

Saskia King

Diaspora Multimedia Hub Team

Sahra Abdi

Advice and Support Worker

Saima Rehman

Move More Project Coordinator

Khadija Yasin

African Women’s Programme Lead

Mahomed Hamed

Restaurant Chef

Muse Jama

Marketing Assistant/Cognospeak Project Worker

Yasin Hersi

Diaspora Multimedia Hub Team Lead