The Leader of the Sheffield City Council visited ISRAAC Centre

Councillor Tom Hunt, Leader of the Sheffield City Council visited ISRAACCentre and had fruitful and productive meeting with ISRAAC trustees and management. Overall, discussed issues relating to ISRAAC’s progress and challenges. The Leader of Sheffield City Council acknowledged the importance of ISRAAC’s role and work in the city of Sheffield as well as enhance the… More The Leader of the Sheffield City Council visited ISRAAC Centre


We are immensely grateful to Advance Sheffield for the opportunity extended to us to partake in such a remarkable celebration event. The @IsraacS team feels honored to have received the winning certificate, which stands as a testament to our collaborative efforts and dedication. This recognition means a lot to us and serves as motivation to… More ISRAAC HAS WON THE AWARD

Thanks to all the organizers for choosing ISRAAC Centre to host and to all the participants as well. We’re excited about the decisions we’ll make together, with our goal of fostering diversity and tolerance, regardless of where you’re from or your race. Let’s work together to make our city even more inclusive and welcoming.

Israac is immensely proud to be a part of this exceptional team, where our collaborative research is making a meaningful impact. Together, as a unified team, we have achieved the distinction of becoming finalists for the prestigious Innovate Award.

Share some exciting news with you! Our IT room is now fully equipped and ready for action.We are delighted to announce that we will soon commence lessons to enhance your digital skills and empower you in the digital age. Remember, the best time to enhance your digital skills is now.

We will be starting English conversation sessions at the ISRAAC Centre every Monday. We invite you to join us and improve your English speaking skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with fellow language enthusiasts and practice conversational English.