Vaccine Information

Here is a video in Somali from Dr Abdillahi Roble on the importance of the COVID19 vaccine (picture from video below):

Here is some information from NHS supported by the British Islamic Medical Association and here is a BBC report on the advice given by trusted Imams and GPs on the COVID19 Vaccine and Ramadan.

You can get excellent, reliable information from the Sheffield Community Contact Tracers website including Sheffield City Council, NHS and Government vaccine information sources, resources and FAQ. Find them here

From the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the COVID19 Vaccine can be found here.

Vaccine information in community languages can be found here

A presentation giving information on importance of the COVID19 vaccine from local Sheffielder, Dr Shadia Ahmed, who works in Leeds as a specialist Microbiologist is here:

Videos from members of the community sharing the importance of the COVID19 vaccine

Councillor Kaltum Rivers for Broomhill and Sharrow Vale Ward speaks here in Somali

‘If you could save someone’s life’: a video made by a variety of well known people from a range of BAME communities to demonstrate the importance of taking the vaccine – speaking in English

Dr Samira Hassan speaks in Somali about the COVID Vaccine.

Correcting some of the misinformation

The British Islamic Medical Association have addressed some of the misinformation or myths on their website here.